About Everlasting Strength

Everlasting Strength seeks to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ leading to salvation and a personal relationship with the true and living God who is seeking them. Everlasting Strength also seeks to encourage people in discipleship and the power of the Word of God to set them free by understanding grace.

Dr Greg’s blog postings about the Bible, word studies, and other teaching aides will provide opportunities for learning and spiritual growth. The Lord and His Word are awesome and something to be excited about.

Our Mission

Everlasting Strength seeks to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by evangelism, biblical teaching, and charitable giving so that people may know God in a growing, personal, and saving relationship that increasingly glorifies Him with their lives.


Christian Author Dr. Greg Viehman


“The world told me I had everything but I had nothing. It was a difficult realization that God was right beside me, all around me, and only a breath away my entire life when I was taught I couldn’t know Him…”


Below are the publications written by Dr. Greg.

The God Diagnosis

Personal Book

Dr. Viehman’s personal testimony that describes his shocking journey to life after death.

The Abundant Life

Study Guide

A 10 week Bible study designed to help Christians enjoy an abundant and fruitful relationship with God.