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The God Diagnosis By Dr. Greg Viehman

The God Diagnosis

A Physician’s Shocking Journey to Life After Death

This is Dr. Greg Viehman’s personal testimony. Read how a successful physician makes the most startling and unexpected diagnosis of his life.


The Abundant Life by Dr. Greg Viehman

The Abundant Life
Study Guide

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” – John 10:10

A 10 week Bible study designed to help Christians enjoy an abundant and fruitful relationship with God. You can have victory over sin and actually know the God who created and saved you and live a life of joy and abundance.


Talking with God – Part 1:Prayer

Talking With God, Part One: Prayer is a 10 week Bible study that takes an in-depth look at prayer. 10 basic questions about prayer are answered from Scripture. What did Jesus teach about prayer and how did He pray? What is prayer? Why should we pray? What difference does it really make? Who do we pray to: the Father, Jesus, God, or the LORD? Do you wonder if we have made prayer into something it’s not? Do you have to close your eyes? Have you asked these questions? Do you struggle with prayer? Do you know you need to pray more but find you rarely do? Do you want to know what God, not man, says about prayer? Do you want to deepen your relationship with God but don’t know how or where to begin? This study is for you!

Talking with God – Part 2: Principles of Hearing God

Talking with God, Part Two: Principles of Hearing God is an 8-week Bible study that follows Talking with God, Part One: Prayer. In Talking With God: Part 1, we studied prayer. In parts 3 and 4 we are going to study God’s responses. God will respond! Prayer is a continuous dialogue of relationship not a monologue. There are two aspects to God’s responses that will be studied separately in parts 3 and 4 of this series on Talking With God. First, what is God’s response to prayer? This deals with His answers, which can include yes, no, wait, etc. This will be the focus of part 3. Exactly how God communicates His answers is a separate subject and study. God can answer “yes” to a prayer in many different ways (circumstances, directly, the Word, etc.). This will be the focus of Talking With God: Part 4. (Wait! What about part 2?) Before we study God’s responses to prayer, we need to review some important principles about hearing from God. When you are having a conversation with someone, you must actually hear their responses to communicate. Hearing God’s responses takes dedication and work. Yes, since we are not talking with God face-to-face, it is more difficult than hearing another person in our daily lives with whom we have direct communication. These nine principles, called the 9 Es, are a guide to hearing God’s responses to prayer. They all work together to “tune you in” to the right channel of God’s will. The 9 Es help us accurately discern and hear God’s responses. The first six are directly related to hearing, and the last three address what to do once you have heard.